St Wilfred’s College of Law one of the leading law college situated in Jaipur. St. Wilfred’s College of Law is committed to the advancement of knowledge and learning and is catering to become a center for excellence in legal studies. St. Wilfred’s Education Society with a mission to bring out professionally competent lawyer of high caliber to suit the needs of corporate and modern society. St. Wilfred’s College of Law aims at maintaining a high academic standard to equip the students with a profound knowledge of the law and to make them think in term of achieving great heights in the realms of law. It has an administrative block, academic block, moot court hall, seminar hall, computer laboratory.



Be like a diamond precious and rare work hard till success comes your way, hurdles will soon fade away and you will surely have your way. Being a prime institute of the city we aspire that every pupil of the institute should touch the pinnacle of his respective stream. We envisage that every seed sown by us should flourish into a giant tree. Beyond this, we implore divine for his Grace that we may accomplish our destination.

  1. St. Wilfred’s is a conscious and thoughtful response to a critical need for excellent and relevant education in a traditional, innovative and creative framework.
  2. We take pride in being a cohesive group who shares the fundamental aims where the staff specializes in excellence and high standards of achievements.


  1. To cater the multiple abilities & intelligence present in learners for the realization of their true potential and individual needs of developments.
  2. To instill among the students a sense of responsibilities to participate in citizenship duties and strive towards common welfare.·
  3. To nurture the overall development of the students through enrichment and quality education.
  4. To promote the involvement of students with the community outside the college and other social concerns through the community service program.

Our Features as follows :

Seminars :

Apart from theoretical knowledge students are made familiar the course through seminars and this widens the perspective and enables them to understand and evaluate problematic issues and also find answers to these issues.
Court Visit :

Students who have gone for law course want to be lawyers after completion of law course. In fact court visit is necessary to convince them how court proceedings is conducted. This helps Law students to visualize the court manner and ethics etc.
Moot Court :

National Moot Court Competition was conducted by the college every year. Over more than 22 Prestigious Law Colleges from all over the country participated in this grand event. The event was highly appreciated by invited bureaucrats, Judge of High Court, Session Court, audience and the students.
Jail Visit :

With the intention of making the students aware of living conditions of prisoners, the jail visit is conducted during the academic session.