Be like a Diamond precious and rare work hard till success comes your way, hurdles will soon fade away and you will surely have your way. Being a prime institute of the city we aspire that every pupil of the institute should touch the pinnacle of his respective stream. We envisage that every seed sown by us should flourish into a giant tree. Beyond this, we implore divine for his Grace that we may accomplish our destination.

  1. St. Wilfred’s is a conscious and thoughtful response to a critical need for excellent and relevant education in a traditional, innovative and creative framework.
  2. We take pride in being a cohesive group who shares the fundamental aims where the staff specialises in excellence and high standards of achievements.
  3. To establish an eminent institution of legal education. To strive for excellence and achieve the best.
  4. To make sure each student flourishes and excel in his/her academics and contributes to the society in a positive manner.
  5. To provide students healthy and stress free environment where they can develop personal skills and analyze themselves in the best possible manner.
  6. To inculcate the spirit of leadership and social responsibility in students who will become responsible citizens in the future.
  7. To encourage and motivate students to participate in all legal activities.