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20 Years Of Undefeated Success.

For the past 20 years, St. Wilfred College of Law has remained undefeated, a testament to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and student development.

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B.A.- LL.B.

Legum Baccalaureus also known as Bachelor of Law. LLB is a three-year degree course which students can pursue after completion of graduation.


LLB is a three-year graduate level course that deals with the various laws of the country such as civil laws, commercial laws, criminal laws, procedural laws etc.


Master of Legislative Laws or LLM is a 2 years postgraduate degree in law. LLM helps to gain an in-depth knowledge of a particular field of law through intensive research.


Mr. Suresh Badaya Chairman

Let's prioritize learning, respect, and kindness towards each other. Your success is our top priority. Stay safe and motivated.

Hon. Secretary
Dr. Keshav Badaya Hon.Secretary

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Ojas Badaya Director

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St. Wilfred’s College of Law is one of India’s leading law college situated in the heart of pink city, Jaipur. St. Wilfred’s College of Law is committed to the advancement of knowledge and learning and is catering to become a center for excellence in legal studies. St. Wilfred’s College of Law was established in the year 2003 patronized by the St. Wilfred’s Education Society with a mission to bring out professionally competent lawyers of high caliber t suit the needs of the corporate and modern society. St. Wilfred’s College of Law aims at maintaining a high academic standard to equip the students with a profound knowledge of law and to make them acquaint with law proceedings.
Though, there have been various milestones in the growth and development of this college, there are many more yet to achieve. We believe that education needs to evolve and must meet the dynamism of the changing world. With this objective, and the urge to continue with our tradition of academic excellence, we have decided to plan out our further process of growth.
It is only through meticulous planning and its scrupulous implementation that we have been ranked as one of the top law colleges in India. But, now we are on the verge of celebrating Century of our Existence and Dedicated Service to Legal Education!
While drafting this strategic plan, due importance has been given to the views, opinions and feedback of the stakeholders like students, parents, alumni, employers, teachers, etc. Indian Law Society, in principle, has always cherished the ideals and supported all the endeavors of the law college in letter and spirit. The college has administration block, moot court hall, seminar hall, computer laboratory and separate residential hostels for girls and boys.